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Welcome to FindSugarMomma, your premier online destination for fostering unique relationships that embrace financial security, companionship, and mutual respect. Established with the vision to bridge the gap between mature, successful women and young, ambitious men, FindSugarMomma is a platform that redefines traditional relationships and champions the idea of mutually beneficial arrangements.

The inception of FindSugarMomma was fueled by an understanding of the modern dating dynamics and the evolving concepts of love, companionship, and support. Recognizing the appeal of age-gap relationships and the freedom it offers to both parties involved, we aimed to create a safe, easy-to-use platform where sugar mommas and male sugar babies can connect, communicate, and cultivate their relationships.

In the world of sugar momma and male sugar baby relationships, we understand the importance of balance. It's about finding someone who matches your energy, appreciates your success, and respects your independence. It's about nurturing a connection that transcends the constraints of conventional dating, where both parties can be straightforward about their needs and expectations.

Welcome to a world where mature, independent women can find ambitious, respectful young men who appreciate their wisdom and success. Welcome to FindSugarMomma.

Our team


CEO and Founder

Amy is a successful entrepreneur and a proud sugar momma who believes in the power of nurturing relationships built on mutual respect and understanding. With years of experience in both business and personal life, Amy founded FindSugarMomma to provide a safe space for sugar mommas and male sugar babies to connect and explore the possibilities of non-traditional relationships.


Marketing Director

As a male sugar baby, Kevin has firsthand experience of the benefits and challenges that come with this unique relationship dynamic. His insight into the world of sugar mommas and male sugar babies has been invaluable in shaping FindSugarMomma's marketing and communication strategies, ensuring that our platform resonates with our target audience and stays true to its core values.


Community Manager

Linda, a successful businesswoman and experienced sugar momma, is responsible for building and nurturing our thriving community. Her warmth and understanding of the intricacies of sugar momma relationships make her an ideal person to ensure that everyone feels welcome, supported, and encouraged to share their stories and experiences within the FindSugarMomma community.


Customer Support Lead

Elizabeth, a seasoned sugar momma, leads our customer support team with a genuine understanding of the concerns and questions our users may have. Her empathetic nature and dedication to helping others ensure that our users receive top-notch support and guidance, making their experience on FindSugarMomma a pleasant and fulfilling one.


User Experience Designer

As a male sugar baby, Chris knows firsthand the importance of a user-friendly platform that caters to the unique needs of sugar mommas and male sugar babies. His expertise in user experience design has been instrumental in making FindSugarMomma an enjoyable and seamless platform to use, allowing our users to focus on building connections and finding their ideal partners.

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